Rocco (mohead) wrote in roller_coaster,

Trip Report, Kemah Boardwalk. May 23rd, 2008

So Yeah, I've got a new favorite Woodie. In Galveston, like I'm ever gonna go there again. I gotta go there again. 
Oh no Train Robbers!
More Robbers and The Pharoahs Fury.
Amy, Scott and Bonnie on The Pharoahs Fury, Yeah, I'm not one for Flat Rides.
Amy and Bonnie on The Inverter, The Inverter-Inverted.
Girls having a blast.
More inversions and the Boardwalk Beast. Crazy Speedboat ride on the Gulf. $12 xtra charge.
Scott and Bonnie had fun on the Beast as me and Amy had fun in the parking lot. :)
Boardwalk Bullet Train #2.
The Bullet from the Parking Lot.
Boardwalk Bullet Station, And The Wife And I Sitting Front Car.
Scott And Bonnie, And The U.P.S. Guy. Naw Him And Dan Are Fellow A.C.E.R.'s

View Of The Bullet At Night. Bye Kemah Boardwalk Forever?
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