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Six Flags Over Texas Trip Report. May 24th, 2008

Hey! Now how can I get a headache right this very minute? Back car of The Texas Giant thats where!
Always thought The Texas Giant was just a Mean Streak rip-off. I was wrong. Judge Roy Scream was O.K.
The Acme Rocket, and Amy's little friend.
Boots and Shorts! Theres a look I could never pull off. Thank God I'm Citified! The Bommerang, I mean Flashback.
Flashback and The Parachute Ride, only three left in the country! Justice League Headquarters.
Scott and Bonnie on the Parachute Ride.
Amy takes a moment. Shockwave, a awesome Shwrartzkoff!
I've never seen a Rodeo "Break-dance" before. Scott and Jackie on Wiley Coyote's coaster.
Scott and Ian, Hey I tried to catch him making a funny face. But all I got was his normal one. :) However, still funny.
Finally The Over Texas Carosel (that we failed to ride :() And a tired Amy on our last coaster of the day.

Off to Schlitterbahn! Without a digital camera!

Gotta say, I was suprised by a few rides, Titan was the Shizznit, and Runaway Mountain was pure fun.

All in all Over Texas was a decent park. I guess I expected more seeing as it was the very first Six Flags
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