Your Face (kandigurl) wrote in roller_coaster,
Your Face

Coaster in a sheep farm?

So, a while back I saw on one of the Discovery Channel specials that there is a wooden coaster somewhere in Europe (Wales? Ireland?) that was built on a sheep farm as a form of income. The sheep wander freely around the coaster, and at the time of the special it was ranked pretty highly. Anyone know the name of this coaster or where it is? If it still exists?

EDIT: I figure I may as well use this as an intro post. :) I've been a coaster enthusiast for years (though not a card carrying member, I'm saving up for that this year!). Coasters I've ridden and parks I've been to are on my Coaster Fanatics profile, but the highlights are: 43 coasters, 8 parks. I live a stone's throw away from SFOT, but I haven't been in a few years so I have yet to ride the new Tony Hawk's Big Spin.

The first coaster I ever rode was Texas Giant, and I didn't get on any roller coasters for several years after that! Once I got into it, though, I was hooked. Luckily, my mom developed a love of coasters about the same time I did, so we rode everything at our Six Flags, then traveled to every SF park in the state (including the now defunct Astroworld in Houston), we've been to Disney World, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, and we make a yearly trek up to Cedar Point (by far my favorite park)!
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