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Message from ACE about The Scorpion at Busch Gardens

Greetings Florida Region Members,
I was notified last night by Busch Gardens that they have decided that October 31st will be the last operating day of the Python. We had hoped for some sort of closing ceremony to give the coaster a proper send off, however, the park has decided to have no media event and no farewell party. So unfortunately we will be unable to pull together any structured event before Tuesday. Alan Glueckman suggested we let everyone know, if you are interested in one last ride, that we can meet at the entrance to the coaster around 2:00 on Sunday to take one last ride together as a group. If you are interested in attending just show up. There will be no registration and no official event. Just a chance for everyone to take a final spin, if you so desire. If you are unable to meet up with us on Sunday, keep in mind Tuesday will be your absolute last chance.

As you are aware on November 11th we will be having a "Meet & Greet" will newly elected ACE President Mark Cole. We had lofty goals for the number of registrants. Sadly, we are well below our projections. We have not reached the minumum number we set to have the event. I have decided to extend the deadline in hopes that more of our members will support our regional events and decide to participate. If you are interested in attending the deadline has been extended to November 6th. You can find the flyer at http://www.floridaace.com/Meetgreet.pdf

Chris Kraftchick
Regional Rep, FL
American Coaster Enthusiasts
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