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SchlitterCon Trip Report. May 25th 2008


Our day at Schlitterbahn, "The Worlds Best Waterpark!" (for ten years)
Blastenhoff Tower, (home of the Master Blaster) and the Torrent River. Both were extremely fun.
Especially morning and night E.R.T.!
More Torrent River, and The Abandoned Pirate Ship. Wild and Wet fun.
Master Blaster the first "Water-coaster" in the world. Oh and we were given free rides on their "Sky-coaster"
It was one of the tallest I've seen, although all the ride slots were filled by the time we were ready to sign up. :(

So Me and Amy head out for a little Parking Lot Fun (cough, cough) But first we stopped at our favorite little secret
for fill ups on our Refill cup, "The Pirates Pit) A little Turkey leg/Sausage on a stick place that is just off the beaten path to not stand in a line ever. (the other stands for refills were always packed). When we went back in the park in 
what was like 5 mins (maybe seven) this is what we see......
The Pirate Pit on FIRE!
The Pirate Pit is located near the childrens play area. Near Master Blaster.
My personal favorite from this group, I love the panic.
The park did a great job of evacuating the public, well the ones that would listen.
It was actually a good thing Amy and I missed out on the Tram Tour of the event.
1. We got to ride a bunch of attractions. 2. We were probably the only A.C.E.R.'s that got to see the fire.
There we are, enjoying the romance of an outdoor fire.
White smoke, almost done. Firetruck in right picture.
Damnit! Now I have to stand in line for refills!
After was all said and done I lead the crowd in a round of applause for the fire-fighters.
Turns out it was a grease fire, the two employees got out un-harmed and claim that it spread so fast
that they had no time to even attempt to put out the fire. Schlitterbahn did an extrordinary job dealing with
the crowds safety and getting back to normal as quick as they did.

On other news this is what we got for $25 at the event,
Entry to the park Sat.
E.R.T. on Dragons Revenge and a behind the scenes tour of attraction.
Dinner on Sat. (lobster and crawfish)
All you can drink (alcohol!) at the Hot Tub meet and greet Sat Nite.
Entry to the park on Sun.
First ride of the day on Master Blaster.
Free Sky-coaster ride.
Snack for lunch.
Tram behind the scenes tour of the Waterslide factory. As well as Jeff Seiberts office.
Dinner (BBQ Brisket and BBQ Chicken breast, awesome!)
Raffles and prizes!
E.R.T. on all attractions on Blastenhoff Tower.
Night time float down the Camal River (Natural Spring River) With cocktails. (this was awesome! they had Tiki torches set up so people could take the empties and give you more booze. Lynchburg Lemonades, Miller Lite, 
Coors, Bud as well as Coke)
Dessert Laua in Hot tub (half an Olympic Pool) With all you can drink cocktails and no time limit to end. 
We left at 1:00 am
ALL FOR $25!! Throw in a free shirt for the con and it was a real winner.
All events from this point on will be judged against Schlittercon. Which isnt really fair
to every other park, as Schlitterbahn set the goal pretty damn high.

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