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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Trip Report. May 26th, 2008

Fiesta Midway then a ride on the Boomerang. The smoothest Vekoma Boomerang I've ever riden.
Stopped for a smoke, and watched the hottest dancers that any Six Flags has to offer.
A Ride on the Rattler was next, A fine coaster, a couple of nice drops and a tunnel. But it has the most boring snooze-fest of a triple helix, where I literally wanted to get out and push. Next onto The Superman Krypton Coaster!
This was one GREAT ride! The best of the day.
Some of these pics are not from this trip, nor by me. They're from a Mr. Mike Parker.
They are just added to show the awesomeness of this ride. Best Floorless I've riden.
More Krypton shots & The Fiesta Texas Log Ride. Probably the best themed Log Ride I've ever seen. Paul Bunyun at M.O.A.'s was cool too, dont get me wrong.
More Log Ride and a pic of the Fiesta Texas Raft Ride, equally well themed.
The Canyon wall, which was a perfect photo spot. Although at that point Amy and I were drained physically.
Scott and Bonnie. I really liked the Que-line sign for Scream and the Drive-in movie themeing.
Although the third one I've riden, this Tony Hawk's Big Spin gave us the best ride on one I've ever had.
Poltergeist was indeed a great ride. The first of that type I've riden. Love the lap bars instead of O.T.S.R.s.
Glad I missed out on them.
It was a spaghetti bowl of fun. Scott and Bonnie on Poltergeist.
And Finally Goliath (Batman) Yes another Batman, although the history behind this version is interesting.
Originally from Japan, this model found a new home at Six Flags New Orleans. Alas SFNO closed two seasons
ago and Batman found a new home. The very first Batman The Ride is from home park SFGA. This is a mirrored clone of the original. I do however like the new colors of the Goliath though. But the harsh Texas sun will take care of that over the next year.
You can leave your shoes in the station, but you better get a locker for that Souveneir Refill cup.
I asked why shoes and not cups, their reply, "Shoes are a personal item."
 "Whats more personal than a refill cup with my D.N.A. on it?" I fired back to a speechless security man.

All in all a good day at SFFT, I'll definetely get back there soon.


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