The Weightless Cool Honeysuckle (baccarati) wrote in roller_coaster,
The Weightless Cool Honeysuckle

Trip Photos: Six Flags Great Adventure NJ

It was a very crowded and hot day, but surprisingly, lines were not that bad. Kingda Ka for example i got on after just 30 minutes. Unfortunately lots of the big coaster were sputtering throughout the day, Nitro was down for much of the morning, and El Toro was running empty trains most of the day. Eventually Nitro was up and running, and i got on in about 45 minutes. All i can say is AMAZING! Nonstop ejector airtime, nearly constant negative Gs all the way until the very last bunny hop into the brakerun. I rode in the back of course, and can't even describe how intense the airtime was on this coaster! Enjoy the pics!

Runaway Mine Trainkingda ka


sawmillgreat adventure 020

great adventure 019Aerial View

great adventure 001great adventure 010

great adventure 002great adventure 003
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