Rocco (mohead) wrote in roller_coaster,

Cass County Carousel

Our trip to the Cass County Carousel
Amy and Mike on Carousel.
There were alot of rules.

However this one was my favorite.
It was very cool riding this Carousel, It's one of the few thats 1) From 1885. 2) A national landmark. 3) Owned by the government.
Amy reaching for the "Brass Ring" Sadly the only ones we got were from the gift-shop.
Amy with an easy snag. Close-up of the ring machine.
Two things I thought were cool were that the center pole was made from an old sail-boat mast, and
the shutter doors used rings for handles.
Amy wanted the wall covering soooo bad. As we left we stopped for a shot that is shown on the side of the Carousel.
Many of the frieze panels on the sides of the Carousel depicted historic Cass County scenes.

Back on the road to Indiana Beach.

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