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Indiana Beach Coaster Weekend 2008

Amy and I on The Hoosier Hurricane.

  • The Steel Hawg was our E.R.T. for Friday night. (E.R.T. Exclusive ride time)

    These pictures are from earlier in the year, as it was too dark on Friday night to take pictures.

    Steel Hawg is the only coaster like it in the U.S.!

    Only 9 people showed up for the event this year, 150 showed last year, we got to ride alot.
    Rode 7 times, took a break, rode 4 times and took another break. Finally at 10:50 they asked since we were the only three riding at that time (Amy, Mike, Me) if they could cut E.R.T. short. We said we wanted to ride just a few more times then we were done. E.R.T. was supposed to go till 11:30, but we had had enough at that point. Mike never got off the ride and rode 20 to 25 times. We left at 11:00 and went to the Roof Top Lounge and saw Mr. Funnyman. A band that played last year on this same weekend. Awesome Zepplin and Pink Floyd covers!

    Saturday Morning was E.R.T. on The Hoosier Hurricane, The Corn-ball Express, and Steel Hawg again.
    The same 9 people were there. :) We thought they would cancel or cut short the E.R.T.cause of the low turnout, but it remained 2 hours of ride time. Empty trains are not the funnest rides, light trains and all, we rode and rode and had a blast. I love when the Ride Ops have to explain to the GP (General Public) that it was a closed to the public event.

    We even had an incident with some people staying at the cabins on property. They were upset that they didn't get to ride Steel Hawg all Friday night like us as they were staying on-site.

    I was hit with a wadded up ball of wet papertowels, and the Ride Op was hit with an apple-core.
    Security was called and they were kicked out of the cabins at 11:00pm with no refund. Nya, have fun looking for another hotel room for tonight white-trash mother-fuckers. We were apologized to up and down by manegment. Unfortunalty they hit an emergency stop senser, and we had to be evaquated from the end course brake-run. First time ever!

    Leaving the station on Cornball-Express. With no GP we were able to bring hot coffee on the ride. Just kidding, I was able to leave it in the station and take a drink everytime we came back. After riding Cornball for an hour, and Hurricane for an hour, the park was getting ready to open.

    Which meant Flyers, FLYers, FLYERS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS!!! In-case you didn't know, Flyers are my favorite non-rollercoaster ride. See the sign that says "No Snappin Of Cables Allowed" Snapping cables is the only reason we ride. Amy and I were able to get a snap, but Mike went snap-crazy and pounded out a few. The wind that morning helped allittle.

    Snapping cables is frowned upon. Basically you control the front wing. You dive up and down. If you can time it right, after a few ups and downs, you can build up enough speed that your Flyer actually goes faster than the circleing center. When you dive down, it produces slack in the cable. As soon at you reach the bottom and the cable becomes taught your Flyers bounces around and the sound the thin sheel-metal makes is akin to a thunder-crack. You can basically hear it half-way through the park.
    A view of Cornball-Express from Air-Crows (Flyers) exit. Amy and Mike on The Yo-Yo's.

    Amy with Yo-Yo's and Yo-Yo's from the lake. We took a day ride on the Queen Shafer, the largest Paddleboat in Indiana.
    Yo-Yo's are better than your standard swings as you can go forwards or slam back into your neighbor by simply pulling or pushing on the front 2 chains. Again frowned upon, but its why we ride. :)

    More pictures from the Shafer Queen. After that we took a ride to the Carousel in Cass County (Earlier Post) The we came back for Facination and Fireworks.

    Boardwalk at night. And a last ride on The Yo-Yo's. See you next year I.B.


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